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West & Trump In The White House

Source: Consolidated News Pictures / Getty

Donald Trump still has sway over the Republican Party and his brand of so-called MAGA politics has a wide share of supporters, including one Kanye West aka Ye. However, the former president believes that Ye’s recent outbursts against what the Chicago superstar is framing as a shadowy network of Jewish individuals controlling all of the major media outlets are, quote, “crazy.”

Rolling Stone exclusively reports that their pair of sources reveal that Donald Trump thinks that Ye should seek outside “help” for his repeated media outbursts of late and framed Ye as “crazy” according to the outlet’s account.

Many are defecting from the camp of Kanye in the wake of what many are calling an antisemitic crusade along with his attacking some of his past colleagues and business partners. The Trump news is especially shocking considering the mogul’s penchant for promoting free speech and his own set of controversial utterances before and during his presidency.

Trump is said to still be eyeing a 2024 presidential run despite him enduring an ongoing investigation from the Justice Department regarding sensitive documents taken from the White House to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

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