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Portrait of sleepy young adult woman wearing white shirt posing isolated over purple background, having sleepless night, yawning, covering mouth with palms, keeps eyes closed.

Source: SementsovaLesia / Getty

Still drowsy from shifting the clocks on Sunday?  A poll found the average person needs 66 hours to fully adjust.  So you should be back to normal around 7:00 P.M. Tuesday night.

Two-thirds of us hope this is the last time we fall back.  66% think shifting the clocks back and forth should be abolished, one way or another.

Around 40% hope the bill passed in the Senate this year takes effect.  That’s how many people think Daylight Saving Time should be permanent.

Over half of us still have at least one old-school clock we had to change manually this week, like the clock on your stove or in your car.