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Two generation family exchanging Christmas presents

Source: recep-bg / Getty

61% of Americans are worried they’ll be “out-gifted” by someone this year.  That’s when the gift you gave wasn’t as good as the gift you got.  And the people most likely to do it to you are . . . MOMS.

People were asked who the best gift-giver in their family is, and moms got the most votes.  24% said mom . . . followed by “I’M the best gift-giver” with 20% of the vote.

Significant others are third at 13%, then dads with just 12% of the vote.

31% of people said they like giving gifts more than receiving them.  Only 19% said getting gifts is better.  44% said they enjoy both equally.

And yes, we’re competitive about it.  62% of us are trying to be the best gift-giver in our family this year.