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Source: Rujirat Boonyong / Getty

Ryan Black is the rancher from Shelby who’s currently appearing on Fox’s reality TV dating show “Farmer Wants a Wife.” 

The women spend time on their farmer’s respective ranches but unlike with the Fantasy Suite experience on ABC’s “The Bachelorthe guys and their women sleep in separate rooms.

That’s allegedly the plan for the duration of the season. However with Ryan’s busy lips we can’t help but wonder if he’s been sneaking behind the barn to get some privacy.

The show’s stars took to Twitter last night to have a little fun.


Sara V is one of Ryan’s women and she had something to say on Twitter as well.

How does the 32-year old single Cowboy from UNC Charlotte respond? “Kissing is the beginning of intimacy!”

Ryan is putting his intentions on the line for sure. That’s why Ramona tweeted:

Ramona was referring to the Facebook interview on the MIX 107.9 page. Click here to watch.

Some of the cast of the show seem to be enjoying their reality TV fame on their socials.

Are you watching and following the drama?