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Beverly Hills 90210 Cast Members

Source: Mark Sennet / Getty

Jason Priestley, who starred in Beverly Hills 90210 with Luke Perry, recently paid tribute to his co-star on Perry’s anniversary of his death. Priestley said, “Luke and I obviously were really good friends when we were working on the show together.

We were really good friends outside of that too.” He continued, “He lived three blocks away from me in Los Angeles, and he would just ride his bike over to my house and ring the doorbell.

I’d be like, ‘who’s here?’ and I’d open the door, and it’d be Luke, like, ‘hey dude, what’s up!'” He added, “We worked together a number of times outside of the show, and we really enjoyed all the years we had together, but unfortunately, that got cut short.

It’s bittersweet every March when we go by the anniversary of his passing.” Which ’90s teen drama was your favorite growing up and why?