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Roberts Brothers Drive-In Restaurant

Source: Graphic House / Getty

The Charlotte Observer made a list of the 21 oldest resaurants in the area.

You can click on their list here.

Kyle Petty’s a frequenter of Beef ‘N Bottle on South Boulevard. The Observer recommends getting any cut of beef cooked to order and topping it with bleu cheese crumbles, brown mushroom gravy or horseradish.

Another throwback on the list is South 21 Drive-In where the original (now closed) opened in 1954 but the Independence Boulevard location remains. Wondering what to order? Get the fried filet trout plate with fries and tartar sauce.

Also on the list: Green’s Lunch, Bar-B-Q King and The Diamond.

Do you have a favorite we should know about?

Liz loves Lupie’s Cafe on 7th Street.