Do you know the name your parents wanted to name you instead of the one you have? We’re sure it wasn’t “Buza”!  A couple were having marital troubles when it came to naming their unborn child. The father is a traditional dude, with traditional values. He wanted the baby to have a name with a […]

Throw YOUR HANDS UP and STOP the press! NO MORE GOLDFISH! Today’s Funny moment is brought to you by Matt’s daughter, Avery! She came home one day and said no more family! She threw her hands up and made the announcement, I DO NOT LIKE GOLDFISH ANYMORE! Avery has spoken! Thanks Avery for the laugh! […]

    Here are some ideas for those who are still struggling to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. 1.The Camp Chef Rainier Cooking System allows you to cook anywhere with a single range to boil water and griddle. 2.A Yeti 40L duffle bag, a new wallet preferably one that is RFID blocking to keep […]