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Meet our Furry Friday Friend of the Week!! BOYO!!

This week we really need this to go viral. Boyo is nearing his 1,000th day in the shelter!!!!

Boyo was found as an adorable 2-year-old stray 910 days ago and has spent the last 2.5 years of his life in a kennel. Waiting. Waiting for a life outside of the shelter. Despite this length of time, Boyo has been resilient. He continues to hold his head high and refuses to let the stress of the shelter environment affect him. 

Boyo is an incredibly happy boy! He absolutely loves to be outside exploring on walks and in our play yards. His favorite things in the world are toys! Boyo really enjoys being around people. He is a dog that thrives on building relationships and trust. Once you’ve learned his likes and dislikes, this cutie will love you hard. He will come to you for attention and even sits in your lap. Boyo is looking for someone who will understand him, and be patient as he decompresses and adjusts to the world outside of living in a kennel for this length of time. We recommend predictable decompression time and training for Boyo to help him thrive. 

Boyo has begun training at the shelter and is incredibly smart! He learns quickly and goodness does he LOVE his training time and learning new things. He is currently working on: recall, heeling, climb, wait, and resource guarding food and toys. He is rocking it! He is impressing the staff, volunteers and our wonderful volunteer trainer with his love of training and willingness to learn. 

Please share this far and wide and help Boyo find his way out of the shelter and in to your heart. Contact or call 704-994-2738

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