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Ramona Holloway

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How early mornings and mom’s late-stage dementia led radio star to leave ‘Matt & Ramona’

The Charlotte Observer’s Theoden Janes interviewed Ramona Holloway about her move to a new postion within Radio One Charlotte.

From the article:

“As soon as the surprise announcement was made last Monday that Charlotte radio station The Mix 107.9 (WLNK-FM) would air the final installment of “The Matt & Ramona Show” the next day because one half of it was stepping away from her microphone, it would have been easy to jump to conclusions.

And there certainly might have been an inclination to hold your breath a little if given a chance to offer “congratulations” to Ramona Holloway after hearing the news. To maybe even phrase the word as a question.

But the longtime on-air partner to Matt Harris is here to tell you: It’s not just all good. It’s all absolutely, positively fantastic. “I simply walked away for me. Because of changes in my life that I’d like to make,”

The full article is here