Mascot fears, backwards pants, Father’s Day gifts, PLUS Ashley Anderson and Ramona’s Reality Room, on a Thursday edition of The Morning Mix with Matt and Liz.

The hot dog champ is disqualified, more first date questions, and we get to know The Morning Mix crew. Liz gives us a history lesson in Liz and how she became part of the show. To hear more of Liz’s story, check out the video below.

Asking a first date how they feel about ghosts, passive aggressive texting, and proper hotel etiquette on Tuesday’s Morning Mix with Matt Harris and Liz Luda.

On a Monday edition of The Morning Mix, Liz spent the weekend searching for her lost car at Taste of Charlotte, Swifties are going to bible schoool, and much more.   Tune in 6am-10am daily to the Morning Mix with Matt Harris and Liz Luda.

Do your in laws leave you out of the picture? Is your algorithm surprising to you? This and more on a Friday edition of the Morning Mix with Matt and Liz!

Photographer Noelle Pierce shared a video on TikTok of a creepy children’s room she discovered behind a tiny door in her cousin’s new home, which has garnered millions of views. The video shows Pierce exploring the eerie room and other strange areas of the house, sparking speculation about someone possibly living there. Pierce, who owns […]


“Business Insider” put together a list of things that are true for every Southerner.  And most of it is right as rain. If you live in the south, you’re already going to know all this stuff.  But if you live elsewhere, this might help you fit in better if you visit.  At the very least, it […]


A recent study by NerdWallet reveals that renting has become more expensive, especially since the pandemic, with Charlotte being no exception. The US Census Bureau data shows that over 35% of households in the US rent homes. Tips on negotiating rent down are shared by WCNC Charlotte to help alleviate the financial burden. Renters spending […]

Recording Artists

Justin Timberlake’s Forget Tomorrow World Tour is poised to be his most successful yet, projected to gross over $140 million across 70 shows globally. The tour follows the release of Timberlake’s latest album, ‘Everything I Thought It Was,’ and has already become his fastest-selling and highest-grossing tour to date. With over one million fans expected […]

A casting agency is seeking extras for an upcoming TV series, “The Hunting Wives,” filming in Charlotte this spring. The show stars Malin Åkerman and Brittany Snow and is based on a novel by May Cobb. Submissions should be sent to with photos and detailed information. The agency is also looking for specific experience […]