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Our country is phenomenal in many ways. Western medicine has saved many lives, especially in emergency situations. Medical technology has come a long way. However, the problem is that this technology is often abused or misapplied. The best example of this by far is with the use of antibiotics and other prescription drugs.

Antibiotics are overused in medical treatment, as are most prescriptions. Doctors write 160 million prescriptions for antibiotics per year alone. This is pretty alarming considering only about 21% of the people in our country know that antibiotics only treat bacterial infections, not viral. Doctors admittedly will write a scrip just to ease the patient’s mind.

Many of these prescriptions for antibiotics are considered broad-spectrum medicines that will wipe out friendly bacteria along with the bad guys. This makes it easier for super bugs to develop resistance because they reproduce easier when the good bacteria is not there! This falls along the same idea of anti-bacterial soaps killing ALL of the germs and not leaving the body with it’s own fighting abilities!

The role of drugs should be either to intervene in an emergency situation or as a last resort when other means of dealing with the problem have been proven ineffective. The drug option is always there, but should not be the first option. Ever. There is not one prescription drug in the world that does not come with a side effect. Read that again. Most Americans are on more than one prescription. Think about that. It’s hard to understand the logic behind going to a doctor and having a prescription written out when you have not even tried to change your diet or lifestyle to help fix the problem. This might be a great time to tell you that medical schools only require about 3 HOURS of nutritional course. THREE. 3.

Hippocrates, oh you know, just the Father of Medicine stated: ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. The power that food has to restore and heal has always been there and always will be. Why our medical community, who we for some reason trust, doesn’t first try to HEAL, goes against every idea behind Hippocrates and the Hippocratic oath a doctor takes.

Ok…so, for instance: Common ailments…

Why would we need stool softeners? Magnesium does the trick. Easy fix.

Heartburn and/or indigestion? Ummmm you think this might, could, possibly be a way your digestive tract is saying don’t give me that food? The answer is not to pop Prilosec, the answer is to change your diet. Side note, and this is serious….a real reason why stomach and pancreatic cancers are not detected until stage 4 is because people with heartburn and indigestion mask their symptoms with pills until it is too late. If the body TELLS you it is rejecting a food, try LISTENING to it. If you are popping Tums and Prilosec, think about finding the root of the reason, because there is one.

Probiotics are an easy compliment to a great diet. Why aren’t doctors telling patients that this addition would help in digestion and immune function?

Blood pressure…you know this one is an easy fix as well. Our very own Holly Haze is no stranger to this. Her father died at the age of 41 due to complications from high blood pressure so this one hits close to home. Holly says “I was 11 months old when he died. He didn’t have to. High blood pressure and high cholesterol can be fixed”. Grapefruit is one example of a food that lowers blood pressure naturally, but this is no surprise. Change your diet.

Type 2 diabetes. Diet related and REVERSIBLE. The answer is not to pop a pill so you can eat more garbage. Studies show that you can reduce your risk of getting diabetes by 80-100% just by losing as little as 5% of your body weight and adding 30 min of exercise a day.

Did you know that activated charcoal can help with headaches and other toxin related symptoms? The activated charcoal bonds with the toxins and helps remove the waste.

Doctors should be preaching on how to PREVENT illness. We shouldn’t have to go to a doctor JUST to get a pill…we need to focus on daily prevention. Our bodies have amazing immune function and our organs ALLLLL have their own function that are necessary for optimal health and healing.

Mental illness is a serious issue and even moreso since the events of 2020. Why are doctors not more apt to teach you that emotions bottled up inside our body can cause extreme anguish? We need to have the tools to help deal with this, not a pill to alter or suppress them.

Diet and lifestyle choices are the cause for over 90% of ALL illness. Nothing more to say because that speaks volumes. We need to help ourselves. We need to get healthy to avoid getting sick. End. Of. Story.

Most doctors admit that they would never even take the pills they give patients every day because of the side effects. Remember, your doctor works for you, not the other way around. You have EVERY right to ask questions, and by ALL means, walk out the door and find one that you feel has your best interests and health in mind. They are out there…you just have to find one and don’t settle. This is the only body you get.

Take away tip from Holly Haze: a quote that has always stuck with her from Thomas Edison: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”