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christmas leprechaun head vector

Source: sebastian coll / Getty

You ever have that coworker who’s a little extra? Well, how about a lot extra. That’s what Matt & Liz walked into at 5am.

JD, the Executive Producer of The Morning Mix with Matt Harris & Friends, always has his cheerful turned up to 11. No complaints.

But he went full Buddy the Elf this morning.

He took this cheer and ran up and down the hall waving to our friends at WBT News Talk 1110 and Mack and Bone at WFNZ.

His heart is one of pure delight and wonder and now we’re all craving spaghetti covered in syrup.

Happy early holidays, everyone. May you have this pureness in your heart. (Matt is shades of The Grinch and Liz just wants hippopotamus for Christmas.)