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Post Pandemic Pets? Well, we are still IN a pandemic per se. Did YOU adopt a pet during the pandemic?

There was concern that people would return adopted pets. However, research shows that is not the case, in fact, there is a pet shortage at some shelters, which is a good problem! Pet bonds became stronger during the pandemic with so many people spending lots of time at home.

Holly Haze adopted TWO pets during the pandemic…a Netherland Dwarf bunny and a Siberian Husky! As Holly explains, “I must say, as impulsive as it was to get a bunny rabbit, he was one of the best things I did in 2020 AND one of the easiest pets I have ever had!” (Follow his IG page posted below!)

If you returned to the office, how are you and your pet adjusting to being apart more? Is your workplace allowing flexibility to bring a pet to the office? If not, would you like that as a benefit? Adopt, don’t shop.