Funny Tweets And Posts About Dogs And Cats Animals are incredibly entertaining. During the past couple of years, people had to learn to work from home with kids AND pets….and of course these events were taken to social media. Also entertaining were some tweets this week about our furry friends.  One person said, “I wish […]

  While the loss of a pet can have a profound impact on its owners, it can also affect other pets in the house, a new study reveals. The University of Milan study, released Thursday, found that dogs display behavioral changes similar to humans after losing canine companions. “Overall, dogs were reported to play and […]

  Post Pandemic Pets? Well, we are still IN a pandemic per se. Did YOU adopt a pet during the pandemic? There was concern that people would return adopted pets. However, research shows that is not the case, in fact, there is a pet shortage at some shelters, which is a good problem! Pet bonds […]

  Do you name your pets or do the pets name themselves with their personality? When we read books, we often hear dogs referred to as Rover & Spot, but I have never met a dog by those names, or a cat named Fluffy. What have you named your animals? Do you use people or […]

I have had dogs (still do…just adopted Paris, the Siberian Husky 8 months ago….but that’s for another blog, because huskies…wow, just wow.) I have had cats (still do….Tank, my daughter’s cat and Armando, my son’s cat which are essentially MY cats since they live here! but I digress). I have had fish (still do…currently 5)…but […]

The family dog of former President Barack Obama has passed away today at 12 years old.

This is Theodore…not Theo, not Teddy, but Mr. Theodore Bunz. In the beginning of the quarantine, my daughter and I decided to get a bunny rabbit. It happens to be the BEST thing that came out of 2020! Theodore is a Netherland Dwarf bunny. He weighs 1.6 lbs and is full of so much sass…I […]

The holiday season is among us and despite the coronavirus pandemic, travel is still up. Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, there are now extra precautions to take not only for yourself, but for your pets traveling with you.