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Left Handers. We understand that this  world is inconvenient for you and that the struggle sometimes can be too real. Welp! Cheers to you today for having a rare super power that only few posse. Here’s to you, that goes thru daily struggles with scissors, measuring taps and right- handed notebooks.

Your pain isn’t in vain because it’s National Left Handers Day and we’re recognizing how hard life is for you in certain aspects. Here are 15 different struggles we know you can relate to and be proud that you overcome them!

  • Scissors – finding those left hand scissors when they’ve been sold out for a month.
  • No Lefty Desk – Ugh! I just want to sit down and be able to write without my elbow in the air
  • Measuring Tape – Is this upside down?
  • Spiral Notebooks – OH BROTHER!! It’s not my hand writing, it’s the damn notebook.
  • Pen Decals – This is why I only buy click pens.
  • Drinking Someone Else’s Drink – I promise, I don’t have cooties!
  • Can Openers – My bones don’t move that way, especially not to open up a can of soup
  • Instruments – So I have to pay extra for the same instrument just because I’m left handed???
  • Left Handers In Movies – Not a struggle but it’s nice to have representation!
  • Crossword Puzzles – I’m just cross eyed at this point…
  • Keyboard – Is there a speech-to-text feature?
  • Shaking Hands – I’m not trying to confuse you or make this awkward but can I see your left hand first sir?
  • Swiping Debt Cards – again! My bones don’t move that way!
  • Zippers on Jeans – I’m Blue! da ba dee da ba daa!
  • Video Games – Seriously, the stick to move Chun-Li is on the right side of the controller! *Throws controller across the room*


We know you struggle Lefties but this is your day and we’ve got you back! Whether it be Spiral notebooks or those curse it keyboards, we feel your pain and honoring you for it on your day! Happy National Left Handers Day!