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Have you been keeping up with the mysterious murders happening around the Murdaugh Family? It’s strange to say the least! The devil is in the details and Matt has been gaining national attention for the outrageousness of the Murdaugh Murders happening in the low country of South Carolina.

Matt started “The Murdaugh Family Murders: Impact of Influence”, a true crime podcast with co-host, Seton Tucker, back in June. Since then, the podcast has gained over 300K listeners and has claimed the top 2% of podcasts for Apple Music. Impressive? Yes! With even more excitement, Matt made a guest appearance on CNN’s Prime Time with Chris Cuomo last night. Also, he’s collaborated with and been a guest with Nancy Grace, Dick Wolf’s production, WCCB with Morgan Fogarty, and WBT’s very own Bo Thompson Morning Show to give his thoughts on the weird case.

The Murdaugh Family Murders have been nothing less than bizarre, but if you want to know all the grimy, dirty details; make sure you listen, follow, comment and share Matt’s podcast “The Murdaugh Murders: Impact of Influence”!