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Have you ever meet someone with your same full name? Well Ramona Holloway has and let’s hope her name doppelganger is doing great things in this world. 

That wasn’t the case for Bethany Farber. Bethany was traveling to go first her brother and goddaughter when she was aggressively taken in by the TSA of the LAX! Apparently there was a “Bethany Farber” from Texas with outstanding warrants. TSA assumed it was this Bethany only because of her name.

Bethany ultimately spent two weeks in jail because the LAPD failed to check her identity thoroughly. She missed out on celebrating her family and lost her grandma to a stroke; brought on by stress of Bethany being in jail! SO SAD!

Bethany is now suing the LAPD for pain and suffering and we hope she gets all the money she wants and more!

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