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Couple talking while eating pizza and drinking beer in a pub

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Put the fork down and take a breath! That’s the message people in long-term relationships want their significant others to hear.

In a recent survey of Americans in a long-term relationship, 38 percent say if their partner eats too quickly it can be a deal-breaker. However; 49 percent stated they occasionally eat too fast. I guess what’s good for the fast gobbling goose is not good for the..well, you get the idea.

Being a picky eater and mindless snacking were other eating dealbreakers.

While we are discussing judging your mate, check this out, 69 percent judge their partner’s snack choices. The good news is, this one goes both ways. 69 percent of respondents say they also feel judged for their guilty pleasure food choices.

When it comes to the favorite guilty pleasure foods, Pizza, Ice Cream, Burgers, and chips top the list.

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Happy couple having date and eating ice cream cone

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  1. Pizza – 36%
  2. Ice cream – 35%
  3. Burgers – 33%
  4. Chips – 32%
  5. Fried chicken – 32%
  6. Milk chocolate – 32%
  7. Cake – 31%
  8. French fries – 31%
  9. Candy – 30%
  10. Bacon – 28%