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Do not put off reaching out to the friend you have spoken with in a long time. A new study revealed that your friend will appreciate more than you think.

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Source: CoffeeAndMilk / Getty

Turns out that we underestimate how much our friends appreciate a call, email or text just to say hello. If your connection is a surprise, it is even more appreciated.

The longer it’s been since you made contact with that friend the better, because the surprise factor goes way up.

In the study one group had to think about the last time they reached out to an old friend, and how much they thought the gesture was appreciated. The second group had to think about the last time an old friend reached out to them.

People who recalled reaching out thought the gesture they recalled was significantly less appreciated than those who recalled receiving a communication.

The bottom line is call an old pal. They will really appreciate it, more than you think.

Read the study here…