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Do you see people do things in parking lots that drive you crazy?

Lifehacker asked their readers to give them their unwritten rules of parking lot etiquette.


Source: Christian Ender / Getty

A few of the parking lot etiqutte rules are very obvious like don’t park in a handicap spot, put your shopping cart away, and follow the arrows that show you the way you should be driving down an aisle.

The two that push my buttons are “Don’t Be A Lurker” and “If you mess up, try again.”

“Don’t be a lurker” means not slowly tailing someone who you belive is walking to their car, so you can grab their spot.

“If you mess up, try again” means if you get out of your car and realize you parked over the line or parked poorly in some other way, get back in you cra and park correctly.

Here are is the complete list of 16 Unbreakable Rules of Parking Lot Etiquette