In a recent poll, 24% of adults said they feel judge on a daily basis.

Here are a few of the things we wish we could do in public without judgement.

1.  Complimenting a stranger.  (Obviously, this CAN be appreciated . . . but it really depends what the compliment is, and who you’re directing it at.)

2.  Going to the movies alone.

3.  Walking down the street singing loudly.

Young woman listening a music over headphones in city

Source: Isbjorn / Getty

4.  Telling someone you love them.

5.  Listening to something without headphones.

6.  Passing gas or burping openly, and loudly.

7.  Walking barefoot.

8.  Doing yoga stretches in the park.

9.  Adjusting your underwear.  (This probably includes both wedgies and “adjusting” or scratching your naughty areas.)

10.  Dancing in the street.