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Mother and daughter brushing teeth together.

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I have touched on this in previous blogs, but it bears repeating and further discussion.

As consumers, we need to be aware of what we are purchasing if it is going in or on our body. I cannot stress this enough….research the brand and read the ingredients.

Think about the things that your family touches. Your baby is crawling all over the floor. Your dogs are on the floor all day being exposed to insane toxins. It gets on your their hands, feet, paws and absorbed through the skin (our largest organ).

I am going to go over the most used products in your daily routine and easy ways to clean them up.

Fluoride in your toothpaste: sodium fluoride is a neurotoxin linked to lowered IQ, brain fog, and arthritis. Sodium fluoride is derived from aluminum waste products by phosphate mining for fertilizer. It is banned in over 30 countries due to the toxicity it presents, but here in the good ole United States of America, it’s pumped into every day products including tap water, canned goods, and sports drinks and you don’t even think twice about. Avoid anything relating to fluoride.

Talc is in baby products and in many, many cosmetics. It is a form of asbestos linked to lung cancer, brain, fog, and brain damage. ASBESTOS!

Triclosan is in hand sanitizer. It is an endocrine disruptor, linked to hormonal, imbalances, low testosterone, and decreases immunity, ironically.

Aluminum, yes the actual metal, is linked to breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and brain damage. It is found in most anti-perspirants.

There is a documentary called Not So Pretty if you care to learn more about this topic and the pending law suits against companies such as Johnson & Johnson.

There are very simple ways to make your own deodorant, bug spray, toothpaste, linen spray, counter spray. Many natural sites have recipes for all of these. I used to have my own business making all of these and would be happy to share my secrets with you. Just message me 🙂