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UPS Reports Earnings Tripled From Last Year

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty


In a new survey, 1,000 Americans were asked which delivery service has the most attractive couriers.  40% said Amazon, which is #1.  UPS (17%) is second, followed by FedEx (11%) . . . DHL and USPS were tied at just 5%.

Some of it might have to do with the uniforms, since some people are into that.

37% of people said Amazon has the “hottest uniforms.”  UPS is second (29%), followed by FedEx (15%) . . . DHL (11%) . . . and finally USPS (7%).

For what it’s worth, women said that UPS has the hottest uniforms.

37% of Americans say they have fantasized about hooking up in a delivery driver’s truck, and 23% have attempted to seduce a delivery driver.  37% have flirted with their delivery driver, and 45% say a courier has flirted with them.

18% of Americans say they’ve kissed a delivery driver.  And 25% of delivery drivers admit that they’ve hooked up with someone on their delivery route.