A girl eats a burger in a fast food cafe and feels nausea and heartburn. The concept of unhealthy food and food poisoning

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It wouldn’t be shocking to order a ham and cheese sandwich . . . but what about a ham and CREAM cheese?

The Uber Eats delivery service released a list of the most “unexpected food combos” people ordered this year . . . and ham and cream cheese was one of them.

Here’s the rest of the list:

1.  Fruit Roll-Up and Hot Cheetos.  This PROBABLY wasn’t ordered as a sandwich wrap . . . but there was a TikTok trend of people mixing the two, so this was likely people were ordering both items to be picked up from a store so they could try it on their own.

2.  Pickles and Whipped Cream

3.  Popcorn and Pickle Juice

4.  Dark Chocolate and Tomato Salad

5.  Pizza and Applesauce

6.  Sushi and Ranch

7.  Peanut Butter and Pizza

8.  Cheese and Martinis.  This one doesn’t seem THAT weird.

9.  Watermelon and Mustard.  There was also a trend of people trying this on social media last year . . .