What’s the best way to kick off Pride Month? Announce that you’re having TWINS!!!

N*Sync Member, Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin announce they are going to bring fraternal twins (a boy and a girl) in this world!!!

People, broke the news and the couple says “We always knew that if we were going to start the family, we wanted to go for twins just because Michael’s a twin — he’s a boy/girl twin. And he just loved that experience. I always wanted to have a twin, but we’re like, ‘Well, that’s so perfect because now we can do one of mine, one of yours.’ It was a no-brainer!”

They are expecting the twins to pop out in November but Lance really wants them to be delivered on Halloween! Bass jokingly said on Tik Tok that he’s obsessed with Halloween so they’ll have no choice to be obsessed too.

Congratulations to Lance and Michael! We wish you the best in Fatherhood!