Trio of vegan tacos, from left: fried hibiscus flower, guacamole, ripe plantain cubes and cilantro mayonnaise; tequila mushrooms, mango pico de gallo and sour cream; and fried tempura tofu avocado slices, purple cabbage and chipotle mayonnaise

Source: Simon McGill / Getty

On today’s Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Matt reveals that he can’t remember a face or a name so despite his true crime passions, he would be the least reliable person possible on a witness stand.

This came about after Ramona noticed Liz’s good hair day and Matt mistakenly swore she’d been wearing a hat.

Matt went over things that annoy people, one of which was when you take a bite of a sandwich and all the fillings fall out. Have this problem with tacos, too?

Liz has a solution for that. All you need is an extra tortilla.