Jill Biden, the First Lady, responded to criticism of her husband’s age and rejected Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s suggestion that elected officials over 75 undergo a mental competency test. In an interview with CNN, Jill called the proposal “ridiculous.” She added, “We would never even discuss something like that,” when asked if her husband, […]

President Joe Biden says America must reinstitute an assault weapons ban after an AR-15 was used in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. The president issued a statement on Sunday calling the violence “senseless” and adding that LGBT+ establishments and individual Americans are facing a wave of renewed hate from the […]

Recently, Paris Hilton revealed that she turned down djing for Joe Biden because she wanted to attend Britney Spears’ wedding. Paris said, “I was actually asked to DJ for the president and all of the other presidents from around the world for the dinner.” She continued, “But this was more important to me.” She added, […]

The Biden Administration announced Student Loan payments will resume on February 1, 2022. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters more details about loan repayment will be made available in the coming weeks. “We will engage directly with federal student loan borrowers to ensure they have the resources they need and are in the […]

President Joe Biden is assuring Americans that his travel ban won’t extend beyond South Africa. Addressing the nation on Monday, Biden admitted the ban on incoming flights won’t necessarily stop the new Omicron variant from entering the U.S., but at least it will “give us time to take more actions.” “We needed time to give […]

Clearly, President Joe Biden is a fan of New York City’s plan to give every resident who gets vaccinated $100. One day after NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio announced the new policy, Biden called upon state leaders to follow the Big Apple’s lead in an attempt to boost the country’s vaccination numbers. “Today, the president is […]

“She Reminded Me Of My Mother.” President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden met Queen Elizabeth on Sunday afternoon at Windsor Castle following the G7 summit. They were together for about an hour. Biden told reporters the Queen was “extremely gracious.” Biden added, “I don’t think she’ll be insulted, but she reminded me […]