The back to school pictures are back. Honestly, I used to get annoyed by them. Now, I miss them. I used to count the days until they were out of the house. No more school supplies and fights over what to wear every morning, no more lunches to pack, no more school projects, no more […]


homeschooling surged by 63 percent during the 2020-21 school year

    With school back in session, let’s talk school lunches. When we look back at cafeteria food, we may actually have good memories!!! Little square pieces of pizza, graham crackers, chocolate milk, cheeseburgers (let’s be honest, there probably wasn’t any meat or cheese in whatever they gave us!) granted, cafeteria food has seemingly improved […]

The largest school district, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, will meet Friday morning, July 30th at 9am to discuss mask requirements.