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Shocker, shocker….

It’s no surprise that exercise can help you live a longer life, but how much you do can really help. A new study from American Heart Association found that exercising for two and a half hours or more a week can dramatically lower the risk of death.

Exercising two to four hours each week was shown to reduce cardiovascular-related deaths by 40% and deaths of all causes by 30%. “This finding may reduce the concerns around the potential harmful effect of engaging in high levels of physical activity observed in several previous.” said researcher Dong Hoon Lee.

Exercise also has proven to play a significant role in how well you handle COVID-19. Patients with COVID-19 who were consistently inactive during the two years preceding the pandemic were more likely to be hospitalized, admitted to the intensive care unit and die than patients who were consistently meeting physical activity guidelines. Other than advanced age and a history of organ transplant, physical inactivity was the strongest risk factor for severe COVID-19 outcomes.

Meeting U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines was associated with substantial benefit, but even those doing some physical activity had lower risks for severe COVID-19 outcomes, including death, than those who were consistently inactive.

How much exercise do you get a week?

Do you think you are exercising enough to live a long life?