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Young happy man carving Thanksgiving turkey during dinner party with friends at dining table.

Source: Drazen Zigic / Getty

HuffPost talked to etiqutte experts and asked them the rudest things you can do before and during the holiday dinner.

Here are a few..

NOT RSVP-ing – if you are invited, please tell the host if you are coming or not. Also, don’t just show up without the host knowing.

IGNORING THE SCHEDULE – if the meal is at 2:00 pm, be on time. Plus, don’t arrive too early and don’t stay too late.

BRINGING DISHES THAT REQUIRE COOKING – don’t expect to get oven space unless you have cleared it in advance.

STARTING TENSE CONVERSATIONS – you know the ones; political, family drama, etc.


BEING ASSERTIVE IN THE KITCHEN WITHOUT BEING ASKED – it’s NOT your kitchen! Don’t tell me how long you cook YOUR turkey.

ONLY TALKING TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW – spread the conversation around. Introduce yourself to new people in the room. Don’t be cliquey.