94 Childern & 34 Wives?! I Could Not Handle All The Wives And Kids This Guy Had

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I have one wife and two kids and I’m exhausted. A guy in India, had 39 wives and 94 friggin’ kids! It is amazing that the guy lived to 76. The stress of all that family would have taken out my heart at around 47!

Ziona Chana married his first wife when he was 17. I’m guessing she probably was really cool with all the extra wives and kids. She was in that relationship for almost 60 years. That lady checked out a while ago. Her kids were grown and old. I bet she just sat in front of the television watching an Indian TV version of Matlock and was happy to be all alone with her cats.

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Daily, I am consumed by guilt, wondering if I spent enough time with my TWO kids. How does guilt not eat him alive? Was he born without the guilt gene?

I screw up with my wife…on the regular. Then I struggle to make it right. If I had thirty-nine wives, I would be in the dog house with eighteen women and struggling to make it right, twelve wives would want to “talk” (I’d let them down), eight wives would be about to put me in time out, and one would be somewhat happy. That does not seem like it would be a mentally good space for me. I’d be letting a lot of people down. Of course, my low self-esteem paints an ugly hypothetical picture.

Don’t even get me started on 94 children! Good God, the thought of every year sitting through 94 crappy elementary school concerts, makes me vomit a bit. If he and his massive brood were happy, good for them.

Could you handle 94 Kids and 39 Wives?

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