There are a bunch of sayings, mantras, and advice that people keep repeating . . . even though we all know they mostly ring hollow.  Or maybe they DO work for you?  A website has collected a list of common pieces of advice and sayings that we should STOP following because they’re outdated . . […]

You’re killing me SMALLS! That’s Matt approach to parenting on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona! Matt can’t find anything and his family doesn’t help so instead of him being nice, he decides to be petty to his kids! Who does that?? Learn how to treat your kids on this petty parenting […]

The wheels on the bus go round and round til one falls off! We’re talking third wheels on OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona! Ramona gives us why she shouldn’t hang with couples and Matt breaks down erotic thrillers. YIKES! Plus, what in the world is Max doing on Grand Theft Auto, ya lil NASTY! […]

pssss are you awake? The question that lead to the fart heard around the world on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. We’re talking about sleeping and how sometimes it can split up couples. Matt’s a bed scratcher, Ramona got farted on and Eric thinks Shaq slobbers at night. Try to get you […]

For this segment on the Matt & Ramona show, Ramona talks about what are some of the secrets that married couples keep from their single friends. She ask Matt who is married some of the things that he himself keeps a secret with his wife as a married couple.

  Like It Or Not, The Internet Thinks These 21 Celeb Exes Should Get Back Together. (never mind that some are married to other people by now!) The rekindled romance of J.Lo and Ben Affleck has the internet wondering if other celeb exes could also get back together. A Twitter user posed the question, “what […]

    Netflix has launched a new dating reality show called Sexy Beasts where people wear crazy animal masks and go on dates. Lots of people are talking about it because it focuses on personality over looks. Are you guilty of focusing on looks over personality? I mean, you have to be attracted to a […]


A recent survey asked people to choose the foods they would not order on a first date. Here’s the list: FOOD BRITS AVOID ON A FIRST DATE: Oysters Mussels Sushi Ribs Lobster Chicken wings Corn on the cob Garlic bread Spaghetti Bolognese Crab The survey asked Brits, so there would be a slightly different list […]


Are you an indoor human? Have you become more of an outdoor human thanks to the pandemic? If so, you are not alone. Three out of Five “Indoor” Americans have changed their ways and become outdoor people.

It’s no secret, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are on the road to either pure bliss or chaotic destruction. Either way, we’re here for the D R A M A! Now, Jennifer Garner (actress and Ben’s ex-wife) has something to say about the newly rekindled couple! Her only hope for Ben is that he stays […]