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Athletic woman exercising on a class in a health club

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The most important thing to focus on in 2022 is your own health. It will obviously help you and ultimately helps anyone around you, especially your family. Here is some good info to help your 2022 be a game changer.

Preparing your own food goes a LONG way. Whether you are preparing meals for on the go, or for meals to eat at home, this forethought will help you succeed AND save you money. Holly Haze says, “Eating out is expensive and you never know the oils, salts and sugars that go in to the prep. If you’re on ANY sort of meal plan, doing meal prep, even pick one day a week to cook and package, will help you stay on track.” Holly adds, ” I have been doing this since 2009. At first it seemed daunting, but now I don’t leave home without a plan. If I am not doing intermittent fasting, I try to pack all my snacks so I don’t skip a meal. We all know what happens if we come home after starving all day..we tend to consume a day’s worth of calories in 5 minutes! So prep, prep, prep.”

Exercise on some level 5 days a week. Not housework, not gardening, but legitimate aerobic, anaerobic activity, or strength training. Holly says, “Our bodies are designed to move and move well. Our bodies are super intelligent and fine tuned…I’ll keep reminding you of this…treat it right, fuel it right….an engine full of junk parts that sits idle simply won’t perform….remember that.”

This leads us to the next tip: stay away form sugar and soda (and diet soda too!) Holly did an entire blog on sugar, so look it up…called Sweet Poison. No good can come of consuming sugar and fake sugar. All illness, cancer included, feeds on sugar and suppresses the immune system.

Sleep….we need to sleep. Recharging is necessary…for the mind AND the body. This is essential for recovery.

Let’s not forget about the mind and soul. Mental health cannot be ignored. So leave the negative thinking patterns in 2021…those days are gone.

A new year is a great time to try something new…new sport, new workout, new hobby. There is no time like the present. every day is a gift, after all 🙂