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Greg Olsen’s son, TJ ‘Rings the Bell’ after Receiving a New Heart


TJ Olsen,  the heart of Panther Nation, rang the bell yesterday at Levine Children’s Hospital. The son of former Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen was celebrating the best gift EVER. Nearly two weeks ago he received a new heart.

Greg Olsen on Twitter“Since the day TJ was admitted into the ICU we talked about the day we could “ring the bell”. Today was that day! We are finally whole again and we couldn’t be more thankful! Thank you all for the amazing support and prayers! #playfort”

The NFL commentator wrote on Instagram, “Ever since TJ was admitted into the ICU a little less than a month ago in heart failure, we would lay in bed at night and talk about ‘ringing the bell.” Now thanks to the transplant on June 4, it looks like 8-year-old TJ will be home for Father’s Day on Sunday.  It is the best gift any dad could receive. 


While praying for their son through three open-heart surgeries before the transplant, Olsen and his wife Kara founded The HEARTest Yard initiative to help other families with babies born with congenital heart disease. Their non-profit offers support and various services to families like theirs at no cost. Last year The HEARTest Yard Congenital Heart Center opened at Levine. It provides the latest and greatest cardiovascular care to kids.  

In honor of: TJ’s victory and positive attitude, The Donor Family mourning the child who gave TJ a chance to live and… The Olsen Family, who has used their influence to help the hearts of sick children to keep beating, we would love for TJ to beat the Keep Pounding drum at Bank of America Stadium before kickoff just like he did at Levine yesterday.

Levine Children’s on Twitter“After a successful heart transplant, today TJ went home! TJ was also the second patient to beat our brand new @Panthers Keep Pounding drum, reserved for all our patients who have stayed at our hospital and are on their way home! Congratulations TJ, we’re so proud of you! 💙”


– Ramona Holloway




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